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 •  Celebrating 100 Years (1911-2011): Teaching Excellence in Medical Illustration. Conference, lecture. Baltimore, MD. July 2011.
   "Insight and Impression: Observations in Communicating Science."
 •  AMI Annual Conference, Technique Festival. Bozeman, MT. July 2007."Texturing, Layering, Filtering, and Other Unconventional Means
   of Quickly Achieving Conventional Effects."

 •  GNSI Annual Conference, Lecture. Bar Harbor, ME. August 2005."Integrating Traditional and Digital Illustration in Flash."
 •  GNSI Annual Conference, Half-day Workshop. Williamsburg, SC. August 2004."Deliver your content in (a) Flash.
   Beginner/Intermediate Flash."

 •  GNSI Annual Conference, Lecture. Denver, CO August 2003. "Making It Beep, Whiz, and Whurr: A Quick Introduction to Flash
   Interactivity and Animation."

 •  AMI Annual Conference, Technique Festival. New Orleans, MI. July 2003. "Flash Techniques." Co-presenter: Bang Wong, Art
   Director, VirtualText LLC.

 •  Council of Science Editors (CSE) Annual Meeting. Pittsburgh, PA. May 2003. "Images in the Scientific Article. Decisions
   in Visual Communication."
Co-presenter: Kathy Stern Graphic Arts Director, New England Journal of Medicine.
 •  AMI Annual Conference, Technique Festival. Austin, TX. July 2002. "Flash 5." Co-presenter: Bang Wong, Art Director, VirtualText

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